High Blood Pressure in Adults

The adult can be categorized as young age adults (age: 18-35), middle age adults (age: 36-55) and old age adults (age: 55 years and above). All the three groups are prone to hypertension.  Nowadays hypertension has become one of the major factors for causing death. Globally the prevalence rate of high blood pressure as of reported by WHO for age group above 25 is 40% as of 2008 and it tends to increase every year. Men are more prone to Hypertension than women in almost all areas. However, in Africa, the statistics are equally distributed. Managing this High Blood Pressure range has become a difficult task. The understanding of blood pressure chart and reading can reduce the risk of Hypertension. Maintaining a proper dietary control after a certain age limit also reduces the risk.

  • Track 1-1 Screening
  • Track 2-2 Causative agent for HTN
  • Track 3-3 HTN Risks
  • Track 4-4 BP Reading and Understanding

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