Speaker Biography

Umer Zakaria

Hazara University, Pakistan

Title: Genotyping of tRNAIle gene of hypertension patients and risk of LVH with the help of A4300G mutation

Umer Zakaria

Has completed M.Phil in Human Genetics, Centre for human genetics from Hazara University, Pakistan.


Hypertension is the leading cause of many major diseases including coronary heart disease, stroke, renal disease, peripheral vascular disease and other disorders. With the genetic factors there are also many environmental factors that cause hypertension. One of major cause of hypertension is due to mutations in the mitochondrial DNA .In this study a total of 100 hypertensive patients were analysed for detection of mutation A4300G but only 30 patients (30%) were found to have this mutation in their tRNAIle gene which is associated with heart disease i.e Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (LVH) and cause hypertension. In this mutation A4300G, it change the structure of tRNA due to which tRNA capacity of attaching specific nucleotide to mRNA is disturbed and have lethal consequences on patients health. Unfortunately local people are unaware of the fact that hypertension quietly causing the cardiovascular diseases including LVH etc. By this research we can aware local community and doctors especially to proper guide patients about hypertension its long term impacts on the individual and community help