Hypertension Risk factors

High blood pressure has several causative factors like age, race, case history and obesity, not being physically active, overwhelming tobacco, an excessive amount of salt (sodium) in diet, deficient potassium and Vitamin-D in diet, drinking an excessive amount of alcohol, stress and bound chronic conditions. There are general risk factors which will be accountable for raising anyone's risk of high blood pressure. Though high pressure is commonest in adults, youngsters are also in danger, too. For a few youngsters, high pressure is caused by issues with the kidneys or heart except for a growing variety of youngsters, poor fashion habits, like AN unhealthy diet, fleshiness and lack of exercise, contribute to high pressure. Generally physiological condition contributes to high pressure, as well. Certain diseases and medications are specific causes of high pressure.

  • Track 1-1 Controllable Risk Factors
  • Track 2-2 Medical Risk Factors
  • Track 3-3 Multiple Risk Management
  • Track 4-4 Global cardiovascular risk assessment

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