Hypertension Epidemiology

The prevalence of raised vital sign is highest in Africa, (30% for each sexes) and lowest within the World Health Organization Region of solid ground (18% for each sexes). Rates additionally vary markedly at intervals World Health Organization regions with rates as low as 3-4% (men) and vi.8% (women) in rural Bharat and as high as sixty 8-9% (men) and seventy 2-5% (women) in European nation. In Europe cardiovascular disease happens in regarding 30-45% of individuals as of 2013. In 1995 it had been calculable that forty three million individuals (24% of the populations) within the U.S had cardiovascular disease and were taking antihypertensive drug medication. By 2004 this had raised to twenty ninth and additional to thirty fourth (76 million US adults) by 2006. African yank adults within the U.S have among the best rates of cardiovascular disease within the world at a quarter mile. It's additionally additional common in Filipino Americans and fewer common in US whites and Mexican Americans.

  • Track 1-1 Hypertension Incidence
  • Track 2-2 Hypertension in Adults
  • Track 3-3 Hypertension in Children
  • Track 4-4 Healthcare costs for Hypertension

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